Special Events


Special Events

In addition to regular programming on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, Project id hosts various events and fundraisers.

Please check back frequently as there is always a lot going on!

Spokane County Interstate Fair

Spokane County Interstate Fair Grandstand, Spokane, WA

Watch for details. We are hopeful for 2022 



The Spokane Wolfpack Special Olympics team’s fundraiser. Please consider sponsoring an athlete or participating in the Bowl-a-Thon!

We are hopeful for 2022 


Winter Elegance 2022

Keep Looking For This!!

We are hopeful for 2022 

Upcoming Special Events:

Winter Elegance 2022 – November 14, 2022 

Winter Elegance will be held this year on November 14, 2022. Be watching for more details of this amazing event.