Master Plan

Our Past, Present, and Future

Master Plan

Phase One

The Projectid Wolf Den Recreation Center

Phase Two

Transitional living skills and resource management classes and support groups

Phase Three

The Projectid Entrepreneurship Program

Phase Four

The Projectid Service Learning Program

Phase Five

Projectid Transitional Living

Phase Six

Transitional living skills and resource management classes and support groups

Phase One


Sunday Night Cooking Class at The Den

The Wolf Den Recreation Center is the first phase of our master plan and is currently up and running!

Phase Two


Sunday Night Cooking Class at The Den

Phase two is currently being implemented and focuses on providing classes and groups for Wolf Den members and their families on the subjects of transitional living skills, resource management, and healthy living.

Specific classes include: cooking classes, bible studies, aerobics classes and sewing classes.

Phase Three


In phase three, Projectid will open a business in the facility to promote community interaction, skill development, and entrepreneurship. This phase will ideally provide both revenue for Projectid and an integrated setting for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to interact with the community.

While still in the planning stages, our vision includes a community coffee shop and gift store, a community garden and a fitness center.

These partnerships will also provide employment opportunities and life skills training for participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Phase Four

Through service learning, Projectid aims to teach members about the value and rewards of giving back to the community in phase four.

We plan to utilize fair trade relationships with communities in third world countries for products sold in the coffee shop and gift store. This will promote the importance of global citizenship and teach Wolf Den members about people throughout the world.

Projectid also hopes to collaborate with other organizations in the community to provide opportunities for Wolf Den members to serve the facility’s immediate neighborhood as well as the greater Spokane area.

Phase Five

Phase five, which will begin after Projectid purchases property, includes the addition of transitional living apartments.

Apartments will be built on site to allow individuals the opportunity to test and develop their potential for independent living in a supported environment.

By the end of their stay a team will assist the individual and their family in deciding the best community living options for them.

Phase Six

Phase six, a key component to sustainability, will be establishing integrated, independent living options for both those with intellectual disabilities and the general public through duplexes or small single family residents that will enhance the neighborhood in which we are located.